Intramural Stands Out

by Nick Pomponio

        For most of us, the daily hustle and bustle of law school engulfs our lives.  Every hour of the day and every week of the year are spent researching cases, writing briefs, and reviewing material.  But, for some of us at school, the Whittier Law School Intramural Club allows us to escape the mind numbing feeling of reading about Palsgraff, Miranda, and Pennoyer at least for a couple hours a week.

        The Intramural Club not only puts on sporting events such as flag football, basketball, and volleyball throughout the year, but also serves as much more for the modern day law student.  The Intramural Club allows students to meet one another and come together away from the classroom.  Through all the touchdown passes, three pointers, and corner kicks, friendships are forged, team camaraderie is built, and school spirit grows.  The events put on allow students to enjoy the outdoors and partake in friendly competition that, at least for a few moments, allows us to not worry about how many pages of reading needs to be done or how confused we all are about Con Law. 

       What seems to be everyone’s favorite event of the year, the Intramural Club hosted the Third Annual Flag Football League this past fall semester.  This year’s league was the most successful thus far and included ten very competitive teams.  The season was played over nine weeks ending in the Red Team, “Intentional Touching” winning its second consecutive championship over the Orange Team, “Touchdown My Pants.”

        After a successful fall semester, the spring semester also looks very promising.  Events that are planned thus far include basketball, soccer, dodge ball, and volleyball.  Instead of the long schedule of the flag football season, these upcoming events are planned to last one to two days each.  The idea is to allow 1Ls with an extra class and 3Ls with Early Bar Prep to dedicate more time to school, but at the same time, allow more students to participate in the events and to take a break from the daily grind of law school.

       We at the Intramural Club would like to invite everyone out to the upcoming events, regardless of your skill level, and even if you just want to come and cheer along your friends.  The more the merrier.  We hope to see everyone out on the field or court, and hopefully the Intramural Club allows you to take a break to come together with your friends and share memories outside of the classroom.