ABA Corner

          Every semester the ABA Law Student Division holds meetings around the country to discuss issues that are important to law students; addressing their concerns, providing opportunities for professional development, allowing students the opportunity to network with other students and legal professionals. These regional meetings take place within the circuit that the ABA has identified with the schools. Whittier Law School is a proud member of the 9th Circuit, which covers the Southern California region and Hawaii. Being a part of this prestigious organization definitely has its perks and privileges, but not all of the schools in our circuit participate and the schools that do participate usually receive wider, national recognition for being active members of the ABA.

            Whittier Law School has consistently participated in these meetings in the passed, but the numbers have not been strong. This year, we would like to make the Whittier contingent as strong as we possibly can. The fall meeting saw 8 members of the Whittier community attend the conference at Loyola. This semester we want to at least double that number. The Spring Meeting is being held in San Diego at Thomas Jefferson School of Law on Saturday, February 26th. The conference will be an all day affair with opportunities to meet local judges, lawyers, and other legal professionals and to hear their experiences and advice through panel discussions. The meeting is free and breakfast and lunch are provided.

            In order to get as many students to attend as possible, we are exploring the possibility of renting a shuttle to take as many students as possible to the meeting, but we need to get a head count of how many students are likely to attend. I encourage every student to consider attending. If you would like more information about the meeting or would like to register, please contact me at dbell@poets.whittier.edu and I will be happy to discuss the meeting with you.

            Together, we will make Whittier Law School the strongest law school that it possibly can be! GO POETS!

by David C. Bell, ABA Representative