A New Tradition is Born

by Jess Gilbert

          The inaugural OC Law Olympics turned out to be a great success.   It was held on the Whittier Law School campus on February 4th.  There were 4 teams representing Whittier Law School and 4 teams from Western State, and a lot of spectators to support their friends and classmates.  Everyone was there to have fun, enjoy an afternoon of great weather and snacks, compete in the games and ultimately win the trophy for their school. The Western State pink team managed to take first place, but the Whittier red team did not make it easy for them.  

          There were 6 events in total, but Human Foosball was the clear favorite of both the competitors and spectators.  Players attached to bungi cords had to maneuver a soccer ball into the net of the opposing team. It looked a lot more difficult than the foosball games we see in the student lounge, yet even more fun.   

          The final event, the Gauntlet, was also well-received.  This was a particular favorite of certain SBA members, who hid in the back and tried to trick competitors into going off course.  As if these teams hadn’t been put through enough by the end of the day!

           Thank you to everyone who planned, participated, volunteered, or just came out to support the event.  Let’s make it even bigger and better next year!

Here are some comments from the students:

I think the OC Law Olympics at Whittier went really well.  It was a lot of fun to partake in the events and meet the other students from Western.  I think everyone’s favorite was the foosball game.  It definitely got everyone involved and even if you weren’t playing, it was pretty fun to watch…and of course laugh along with what was going on inside the playing area.  Hopefully from this, it will grow next year to an even bigger event with more participants.  Thanks to the SBA for putting it on.

-Nick Pomponio

The OC Olympics was a great time.  It was fun to spend a Friday afternoon with other WLS students and students from the neighboring law schools being competitive outside of the classroom.  Instead of the constant reminder that we will all be competing for the same jobs and clients in the next few years, participants were able to drop their outlines in the name of good-spirited traditional (the long jump) and non-traditional (human foosball) sporting events.  For the most part, everything seemed to run smoothly and the WLS SBA was on top of making sure everyone knew where they were supposed to be and oversaw the events fairly.  The Olympics was definitely an event that celebrated the concept “the more the merrier,” but the people that did made sure the events were full of fun and fair play.  I definitely plan to participate again next year and look forward to it and any other great events the SBA has up their sleeve this semester.

-Blake Slater

The OC Law Olympics turned out to be a friendly yet competitive event, and hopefully it will be a yearly event.  It was well attended by both Whittier and Western State and after meeting several of the students, we agreed to hold a football match as one of next years events.  I never really thought much of the events, but after competing, I was amazed at how interesting and fun something like the human foosball could actually be.  The next several days showed how strenuous the event actually was when soreness made walking a challenge.

-Alec Walker

-Photography by Kash Khan

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