Letter From The Editor

Greetings to all members of the WLS community,

          As I wander around campus week in and week out, I hear students voice their opinions, positive and negative, about the realities of law school. Our readers will be informed about some of these realities in this edition of The Zealous Advocate. With that said, I am happy that the ZA is an open forum for students to have their voice heard. Their voices can be an instrument of change that can be used to improve Whittier Law School.

          For example, as a member of the Student Bar Association (SBA), the most common complaint I hear about, by far, concerns Whittier’s grading policy. The complaint doesn’t change. It is always about how the grading policy is unfair, unjust and simply holds Whittier back. This edition will feature an article that focuses on this topic. I hope it provides answers and raises new questions our readers may have.

         However, on the other hand, it should be noted how much effort and emphasis the administration puts on the academic success of its students. An obvious example is how much focus the law school puts on early bar prep courses. I have heard that many of our own bar takers did not attend these optional prep courses last spring, yet the course attracted students from as far as UCLA Law because its law school doesn’t offer what Whittier offers its students.

         Still, the moment is ripe to approach the administration on areas which we all agree need to be improved. However, we as students should also take full advantage of what WLS has to offer in assisting its students to become successful professionals in the legal field. In turn, I hope this will improve our school for future students.

         I plan to release three editions of the ZA this semester. I cordially invite the entire student body to write and voice their thoughts in this open forum. The semester’s final release will be the ZA yearbook, marking school events through the academic calendar year. I invite any students who are interested in contributing to the ZA to contact me at my email address below.   

         Also, I would like to take this time to congratulate those students who have successfully initiated — and re-initiated — new student organizations this year. This includes the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Both organizations are connected to a strong network potential with other NLG and ALCU chapters at nearby schools. I encourage students interested in the area of civil rights to get involved.     

        Finally, a honorable mention goes out to Tunisia, Egypt and to its people and to the beginning of a new wave of democracy that is spreading throughout the Middle East.

         I wish all students a year of positive growth and achievement. As twenty-eleven has already shown to be a new year full of promise and change, I return this semester with an open ear and an aura of curiosity

Artoor Minas